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    The Founders


    Black Rock Originals was created by Nick & Tommy, two guys ready to make a change in the cannabis industry. The beginnings of Black Rock can be traced to the summer of 2014. While living in Denver, we spent our weekdays in office buildings and our weekends skiing, camping, and traveling to other parts of the country. We were both leading busy and active lives that often included cannabis. Whether it was to fuel creativity, extend patience, or inspire athletic performance, it was important that we always had our stash.

    black rock co founders

    Tommy & Nick on Santa Cruz Island

    We, like many cannabis users, prefer different items in our respective stashes. I was adamant about being stocked with joints and Tommy enjoyed using a vaporizer with concentrates. After improvising with rudimentary solutions like dopp kits, Altoid tins and sunglasses cases, we realized that nothing on the market satisfied the needs of the modern cannabis consumer – one who uses cannabis to enrich their life rather than letting its use detract from personal goals. Once we realized we weren’t going to find a pocket-sized, all-in-one storage solution that fit our needs, we set out to create one.

    "We refuse to compromise functionality or style. It must have both, that's the trick"

    As longtime residents, we had grown to truly embrace the Colorado lifestyle. Our lives were fast paced, often taking us from the office to the mountains to a concert in the same day. Thus, we knew we had to create a case that refused to compromise on functionality or style. In order to achieve this goal, we took materials and design inspiration from our favorite performance gear and applied them in a different context. Our unique understanding of cannabis and the many ways to consume it, allowed us to create a kit that addressed the key requirements for joints, blunts, pipes, vaporizers, and dabs, while infusing our favorite elements of outdoor product technology and modern cultural influences.

    br founder nick

    Nick skiing in Summit County, Colorado

    Following months of product development, we watched our idea take visual form and the Safety Case was created along with the line of components that bring its true functionality to life. To us, Black Rock Originals is more than just an accessory company. We're bootstrapping this business ourselves in order to create something bigger: a brand that actively supports individuals who debunk the lazy stoner stereotype. We're surely not the only ones incorporating cannabis in a meaningful way and we want to inspire others to be open about their use.

    "The product speaks to the customer, our community actively debunks the lazy stoner stereotype"

    Our products make the right statement; they bring a refined and relatable exterior to a traditionally taboo space. Our focus is to help all people have a positive experience with cannabis. We hope our example encourages others to come out of the proverbial cannabis closet and voice their support.

    black rock co founder tommy

    Tommy shooting in Valparaiso, Chile

    In addition to providing great products and service, we want to change the way society looks at the modern cannabis user. Tommy's background in design and cinematography gives us the ability to produce a lot of really unique and helpful content. Our site features how-to guides, informative articles, and a visual glossary; all in the hopes of improving your cannabis experience. We believe the best way to change the way society views cannabis consumers is to educate and to correct the misinformation that has flooded American culture for decades. It is easy for a non-believer to point fingers until they realize their son, daughter, brother, sister, or friend is a regular consumer. Change starts with a conversation. We encourage you to be open about your cannabis usage, get involved with your community and vote for safe access.

    br founders

    There is no doubt in our minds and our hearts that cannabis is one of the most therapeutically beneficial substances known to man – and we believe all individuals should have safe access. We are not your average ‘stoners’. In fact, just using the word makes us cringe; but the English language doesn’t have a term to describe a regular cannabis user who positively incorporates the plant in their life. Without the privileges of federal support, the cannabis industry is driven by activists and entrepreneurs willing to take significant risks. Nick's background in finance and law helps us navigate some of these challenges. Looking forward, we continue the fight to end prohibition while refining the perception of cannabis users. These changes take time, but progress continues to be made. Thank you for your continued support; we couldn’t have made it to this point without you.


    Take the high road.