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    Video Series

    Real People, Real Benefits

    The Black Rock team is committed to painting an accurate picture of modern day cannabis consumers – those who use cannabis to enrich their lives, rather than letting its use detract from personal goals. Our brand is built around educating people about cannabis; the product line simply resolves a common problem for active stoners.

    The #IAMNOTLAZY video series features real people and their relationship with cannabis. People don't seem to get it yet, so we decided it's time to show the world that cannabis users are productive members of society. In fact, cannabis is a healthy and meaningful component to the lives of countless successful entrepreneurs, innovative designers and even gold medal Olympians.

    We hope these videos inspire others to come out of the proverbial cannabis closet and voice their support. If you are so inclined, join us by sharing your story and hashtagging #IAMNOTLAZY. If you are located in Colorado and would like to participate in creating an installment of our video series, please contact us.








    Take the high road.

    Real People, Real Benefits of Using Cannabis