The Ultimate Cannabis Stash Case for Adventure Travel

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Let’s face it, life is crazy and it certainly isn’t slowing down any time soon. It’s not uncommon for many to leave the house early in the morning and not return until late in the evening. When you walk out the front door to greet the sunrise, you're carrying all your smoking supplies with everything you’ll need for the day in a smell proof case.

Pocket Sized Discretion

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Between commuting to and from office, hitting the gym, networking at happy hour, and figuring out dinner – the average weekday gets a bit hectic. For regular cannabis users who use cannabis for creativity, to unlock their full potential, or as medicine, packing the stash becomes part of the routine.

Smell Proof Security

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The Safety Case is our go-anywhere, do-anything solution to managing and transporting your stash. Its design was derived from this simple need; an effective way to integrate cannabis into a very active lifestyle. While it’s day-to-day performance is clear, there are a few specific situations in which the Safety Case truly excels.

Versatility For Your Smoking Style

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In a day filled with uncertainty, there is no greater comfort than knowing that at the very minimum, your stash box is safe, secure, and ready for you.



Skiing & Snowboarding

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The Safety Case's exterior aesthetics were largely influenced by the proven performance materials used in ski outerwear. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the case provides the perfect solution for those looking to hit the trees. Its Weather-tex™ exterior keeps your supplies dry no matter how many spills you take; just slip the case in a pocket until you’re ready for the next safety meeting.

Nights Out

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You never know what a night on the town might bring – except for a hangover. But all jokes aside, you want to make sure you’re prepared for whatever could happen; like having to kill 20 minutes playing wingman on the balcony while your friend tries to get the digits. Make sure your case is stocked before hailing the Uber and you’ll be the life of the party when someone asks for rolling papers.



When every ounce counts, the lightweight Safety Case is sure not to add any unnecessary weight to your pack. After a long hike in, there is nothing better than enjoying a rewarding smoke by the campfire. I don’t think bears like cannabis, but even if they did, their noses won't notice your loud thanks to the Safety Case's smell-proof Aqua-tex™ zipper.


We all know flying with cannabis remains illegal, but arriving in a new destination with all the other smoking supplies in your case makes life easier – no more stopping at the local headshop for last minute items. Now all you have to worry about is where to satisfy your hunger.


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Let’s be honest, cannabis enhances music – especially live music. You don’t want to be out of joints an hour into the show, so take a fully loaded case. Did you know you can fit at least six joints into the Safety Case? That should tide you over until the encore. If you still need more punch, bring a Pebble and pack your One Hitter.

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