Paraphernalia Problems: Why We Created The Safety Case

How many times have you struggled to find the appropriate container for your smoking supplies on the go? There aren't a lot of discreet, travel-friendly options out there. We, like many cannabis users, prefer different items in our respective stashes. Being able to have a few joints, your one hitter pipe, or a vaporizer pen was a requirement.



After improvising with rudimentary solutions like dopp kits, Altoid tins and sunglasses cases, we recognized that nothing on the market satisfied the needs of the modern cannabis consumer – one who uses cannabis to enrich their life rather than letting its use detract from personal goals.

Once we realized we weren’t going to find a pocket-sized, all-in-one storage solution that fit our needs, we set out to create one that worked for us and for others. We made sure the case was versatile and the interior products were interchangeable – everyone wants to customize their case components to their own smoking or vaping style.


Regardless of what the case could carry, we knew it was important that the case seamlessly integrate into a range of day to day activities. Life in Colorado often requires a transition from refined urban offices to rugged outdoor environments on a daily basis. Thus, our stash case had to strike an appropriate balance of aesthetics and ability.

smell proof stash case

In order to make it work, we looked at the other gear we used every season... the stuff on our ski jackets, mountain biking shorts, and running gear. Our deep understanding of cannabis and the many ways to consume it helped us create a smell proof stash case that could protect our joints, blunts, pipes, vaporizers, and dabs in any environment.

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Unfortunately, not everyone loves the beautiful smell of cannabis, which means it's extremely important to recognize and respect others' personal space. Nobody cares that you have your stash on you as long as it's not offending their nostrils. By using a smell-proof storage containers like the Pebble inside the Safety Case, you can transport your stash around town without worrying if your neighbor on the train can smell it.

pebble containers



We knew right away that a huge X-factor for the Safety Case would be a grinder. After all, it's nearly impossible to craft a slow-burning joint without grinding your cannabis, so we had to get creative with a travel-friendly grinder.

why you should use a grinder

We developed a credit card shaped, cheese grater style card grinder that slips right into the lid of the Safety Case. The Card Grinder works flawlessly with the Pebble containers, and makes prepping your cannabis for rolling joints or packing a one hitter a quick, easy process!

how to grind weed



Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our product offering – we hope this article makes the Safety Case system easier to understand and improves your cannabis experience! To learn more about us, the founders, read our story or visit our online store to check out The Safety Case and all the different configurations.

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